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Comunicados de prensa

Los Nevadenses decidirán el futuro del derecho reproductivo de las mujeres

Las Vegas, NV – La campaña de la senadora Cortez Masto dio a conocer la siguiente declaración sobre la decisión de la Corte Suprema de EE. UU. de anular Roe v. Wade: “La lucha por este escaño político determinará el futuro de los derechos reproductivos de las mujeres en Nevada y en todo el país”, aseguró el […]


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Mayor of Ely Endorses Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate

“I am a Republican, but Catherine has earned our support in rural Nevada” – Mayor Nathan Robertson Ely, NV – The mayor of Ely, Nevada, Nathan Robertson, announced his support for Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s reelection campaign today. Mayor Robertson is a fifth generation Nevadan who highlighted Cortez Masto’s advocacy for rural Nevadans and mining jobs in […]


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MEMO: State of the Nevada Senate Race

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto gets Nevada and always puts her state first. She was a tough-on-crime Attorney General and her strong record of delivering for Nevadans is a sharp contrast from Adam Laxalt, a corrupt politician who is out for himself – not Nevada. The Cortez Masto campaign is using our sizable cash-on-hand advantage, fueled […]


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Adam Laxalt: A Corrupt Politician Nevadans Don’t Trust

Las Vegas, NV – Tonight, Adam Laxalt won his primary election against an unknown Republican thanks to $2 million in spending from Washington, DC special interest groups. The late spending to boost Laxalt and defeat his opponent is a clear sign that Nevadans don’t trust Laxalt and will reject him once again in November. “Adam Laxalt […]


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NEW VIDEO: Adam Laxalt and the Fight for a Nationwide Abortion Ban

Las Vegas, NV – Today, the Cortez Masto campaign released a new video calling out Adam Laxalt for standing with fellow anti-choice Republicans who are pushing cruel legislation that restricts abortion access with no exceptions for rape, incest, or human trafficking. Following the Supreme Court’s draft decision, Senate Republicans are already working behind closed doors to enact a nationwide abortion ban, which Laxalt […]


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Cortez Masto Endorsed By Law Enforcement Unions Representing Thousands of Nevada Officers

Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers and Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition represent members from 19 law enforcement associations across the state Las Vegas, NV – Today, the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO) announced its joint endorsement with the Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition (NLEC) to re-elect Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. NAPSO and NLEC represent 19 law […]


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New TV Ad on Cortez Masto’s Yearslong Fight Against Human Trafficking

Las Vegas, NV – Today, the Catherine Cortez Masto Campaign released a new TV ad featuring Amy Ayoub, a survivor of human trafficking, who shares her story and highlights Catherine Cortez Masto’s record taking on this crisis and getting results for survivors. “There’s no one who’s done more than Catherine to fight sex trafficking in Nevada, and […]

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